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Chef Consultant

Mitch Keyes

Let us help your commercial kitchen or industrial food production business lower overheads, improve efficiency, and increase productivity.

Chef ‘On Point’, looks to make the complicated, Simple’



Mitch Keyes

My name is Mitch Keyes, I have been a professional chef for many years.

Through years of training and experience, I have acquired exceptional skills and strategies to help commercial and industrial kitchens lower overheads, improve efficiency, and increase productivity.


By working with my team and I, we can discover and improve the way your business operates so you can ultimately grow and become successful.

By learning from past experiences working with our clients, it has enabled us to have an edge over competition in order to optimize, scale, and grow kitchens of any size and operational capacity.

Get in touch with me today and learn how our team can help your business succeed!

Commercial Consulting

Commercial Kitchens

We are here to support you and help your commercial kitchen to improve operations, grow revenues, and succeed as a business.


As an experienced chef by trade, my team and I are here to work with you side by side to identify existing problems and help your kitchen overcome them. 


To aid commercial kitchens we provide a specialized service offering: 


Menu Board


Menu Pricing

Our team helps you draft and price your menu items according to your costs so you can ensure that your business is making a profit and that your customers will pay for it.

Cleaning a Gas Stove


WHS Procedures

Let us help you implement Work Health and Safety (WHS) policies and procedures into your business so you and your employees can stay safe and healthy.

Menu of the Day


Menu Tasting

Book a session with us and allow me to design and produce a menu tasting event so that you can be sure that what you are cooking for your customers is what they want and enjoy!

Chefs Discussing over Food



Allow us to help you and your team develop a high functioning working environment to improve staff morale and increase productivity in the workplace.

We want to provide you with upfront support so you can get on with what you do best. Serving your customers and providing them with good food that leaves a lasting impression.


We also want to make sure that you have ongoing support and offer packages that give you the comfort of knowing that help is only ever a phone call away.

Industrial Kitchens & Food Production

We have extensive experience helping industrial kitchens with high-volume food production environments improve efficiency, increase productivity, and lower overheads in order to achieve maximum performance and output.


As an experienced chef by trade, my team and I are here to work with you side by side to identify existing problems and help your industrial kitchen and food production business overcome them. 


To aid industrial kitchens and high-volume food production businesses we provide a specialized service offering: 




Equipment Procurement

Hire us to find and procure high-quality industrial equipment that is fit-for-purpose based on your production requirements.

Domestic Waste Bin


Waste Reduction

Let us help your industrial kitchen reduce food wastage and reduce costs by improving and refining the way you mass produce.



Production Line Evaluation

Allow us to visit your production line and provide a professional evaluation in order to understand and determine potential improvements. 

Using our wealth of knowledge and ongoing support, we are renowned for helping businesses make the most of every dollar they spend on production ensuring that they are maximizing their profits and helping their businesses improve and grow.

Industrial Consulting

What Our Clients Are Saying...


Lisa Cavalero

Vine and Grind

Mitch is professional in his approach, organised, reliable, and creative. His capabilities are on a large scope. Such as, creating new menu dishes, managing business profits, operations, and workflow. Mitch has a holistic approach to hospitality and these skillsets have helped our business grow immensely. I cannot speak more highly of Mitch and would recommend him for any future jobs. "

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